At Dekfasure, we believe that insurance should always be a lifeline. Insurance is only important when you need it. Just like a lifeboat, it seems like a grudge expense, but when something goes wrong, the service of your insurance broker is a lifeline. In your time of need, speed and efficiency is of utmost importance, like the cheetah, fast and focused. Allow us to make your life a little easier. Let Dekfasure take the stress and worry out of your hands and into ours. You think insurance, we think peace of mind. Dekfasure specialises in short term insurance; both Personal and Commercial lines. Our tailor-made solutions will ensure that every eventuality is covered. With over 100 years of insurance experience collectively in our ranks, you can rest assured that we are capable, efficient, reliable, and most importantly, we react promptly when you need action. We pride ourselves on personal service, the old fashioned, caring way. Dekfasure’s personal service is backed up by technology, infrastructure and very experienced, competent, helpful and friendly staff.


Wimpie Meyer

Frannie Lombard

Isabel Schoeman

Madelein Kriek

Donvè De Klerk

Meisie Baloyi


With over a century of experience in the Personal and Commercial arms of the insurance industry, Dekfasure has adapted to the changing needs of South African citizens, always putting the customer first. By offering quality products that meet the individual needs of its clients, Dekfasure understands your needs, offering the complete insurance solution to protect your personal and business journey.

We are a small, yet fully committed team of insurance experts, with vast experience across a broad spectrum of insurance products. We leave all the legal jargon at the door. At Dekfasure, we position ourselves as straight-talking, providing professional advice and ensuring you are fully protected at affordable and individually tailored monthly premiums.

Need Assistance?

Need to know more about personal or business insurance? Tell us a bit about yourself and your specific requirements. We’re happy to answer any of your questions before you consider signing on the dotted line. Our team of insurance experts are always thinking of new ways to accommodate clients but we can’t do so without your valuable input. No query is too big or too small to us. Reach out today and put any fears to rest.